At LushManes, we take pride in offering you the most natural and undetectable hair extensions services available. 

About Us...

I'm Feyi (the short one) and there's Joy (the tall one).  

We are just a couple of cool chicks who have a passion for enhancing your beauty and help you find that Sexy Hair Vixen that lives inside of you. (She's in there!) 

Sometimes its just adding a little length or a lot of volume and sometimes its pulling out the gloves to perform full on surgery! No matter your dilemma, we can do something for you. We've just about seen it all.

Bottom line is: Our goal is for you turn heads and break necks everywhere you go!




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We have WIFI! We have movies! We have candy! We'll listen to your problems and your praises and just have a good ole time! 

See You Soooooooon!


your hair is the ball gown that you never take off